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Hi my name is Brian Lankshear and I have operated in the Timber Stain market for over 20 years.  During this time I have come to realise that for first time buyers the Timber Stain product is a complex one that requires careful consideration to ensure that the finish and durability of stains meet expectations.

Substrates, colours, types of stains and re-application frequencies – there’s a lot in here that you can get wrong and by doing so create more work and cost for yourself than necessary.

For instance: -

  • People spending too much on the wrong stain and then to cap it off being very unhappy with the finish they achieved.
  • People putting off the decision to coat their wood for far too long and being upset at the amount of degradation they experience.
  • People wanting a Timber Stain to treat their deck but not being aware of the maintenance aspects and durability performance.
  • The importance of colour, particularly on some types of timber cladding.
  • Those unaware that applying a Timber Stain was not a “stain and forget” experience.  And then being shocked when faced with a short two year re-application frequency - which if they had picked another product - this same gap could have been two to five times longer.
  • How by using the right stain on exterior bracing elements you will ensure that you pass your local Council Regulations.

Obviously these problems range in severity from those offering some slight annoyance to a few that should warrant some serious attention.  Nevertheless none of them should affect you if you download this Household Timber Stain Buyers Guide.  It’s a FREE Report and will be automatically sent to you when you register your details below.

I’ve kept it brief, but still tried to pack it full of information ideal for those buying a Timber Stain  product for the first time.  Within its pages I answer questions like these:-

  • What happens with timber if it is left uncoated for too long.
  • How much should you spend on treating the exterior of an average residential property and what you really get for your money - "Durability vs. Dollars".
  • Frequency of re-application – how the time between re-application dramatically alters depending on the product you use.
  • Difference between Timber Stains
  • Colours – what really are your choices (you will be pleasantly surprised) and how it’s not just brown, brown and more brown.
  • The real story on what’s the best stain for a deck or your exterior furniture?
  • And finally, wow to find which stains are Council Approved for “exterior bracing elements” and how to know if you have any of these in your property that need staining?

To learn all this and more just register your details below and I’ll automatically send you a copy of this FREE Report.

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"For a traditional rustic stain look on Shadowclad Natural Ply & Shadowclad Prime Ply, CHH Woodproducts recommend Timbakote Natural Timber Finish & Timbakote Rustic Timber Finish film form protective stains that can provide long term durability."

Carter Holt Harvey

"James Hardie recommends film form stain coatings such as Timbakote for a natural timber look and long term protection of their Textured weatherboards."

James Hardie

"Timbakote Natural Timber Finish was selected by Triclad as a preferred protective stain coating because it enveloped our weatherboard to give it all round protection on the first applied factory coat, with the additional coats on site we are assured of a durable protective coating that will last the distance for our customers.

It gives us assurance to know that Timbakote Natural Timber Finish had been independently tested by Ensis formerly known as the Forest Research Institute achieving the highest rating for a coating system.

We are happy with the Timbakote performances over the last 6 years were it has been used in a variety of situations and locations through out New Zealand. Timbakote has the Environmental Choice NZ Tick which fits in with our own Environmentally friendly Triclad weatherboard.

We will continue to recommend Timbakote Natural Timber Finish as a protective stain coating with longer term durability."

- Bruce Tarrant, Managing Director, Triclad Ltd.

"Thanks for the lead to Timbakote in Tauranga. The paint was perfect for the situation and was eagerly passed by the Rodney district council inspector. The paint finish resembles stain so closely that the bracing elements are NOT detectable visually.

Im so very impressed. Thank you!"

- Peter Eastwell, NZ Plywood Manufacturers

"We were called in to quote and were awarded the contract to recoat the exterior timber cladding of 30 Villas at the Metlifecare Greenwood Park Retirement village using the Timbakote Natural Timber Finish system.

Timbakote Natural Timber Finish was used to recoat the complex in early 2000. We have noticed very little degradation of the coating after 6 years in some very exposed aspects.

We would recommend the Timbakote Natural Timber Finish to anyone who requires a longer lasting exterior timber finish."

- Nigel McCutcheon, Higgins Coatings PTY Limited, Branch Manager, Bay of Plenty

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